• Quantum Automation is a manufacturing and distribution company located in Anaheim, CA.
    Backed by a talented team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Quantum Automation specializes in Power, Control, and Networking – primarily in the industrial marketplace.

Manufacturing – Q-Line Products – “Off-Grid RTU Solutions” – New on-line store

  • QCS – Q-Cloud-Server – data logging, remote monitoring & control software residing on servers located at AWS and portable to AZURE or… on your own server upon the purchasing of our “White Label Agreement”. Viewable on a web-browser or smartphone
  • QEdgeGateway – Hardware /Software / Protocol Converter from either Serial Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet to MQTT that communicates via PUB/SUB to cloud
  • QRTU – complete UL508a panels including Edge Gateway to the QCS with Antenna if using WIFI or Cellular, a Programmable Controller for up to 8DI, 8RO, & 8AI, and all safety and power requirements completely wired including CAD Panel & Schematic Wiring drawings, and 3”x3” engraved plastic name plate on front hinged enclosure cover
  • QUPS – Smart Lithium Ion Battery – Printed Circuit Board on Li Ion Batteries
  • QBumpBox – Landfill and Oil & Gas application – to force open valves that are “stuck”
  • QSolarBattery – Off-Grid Power consisting of a Li-Ion Battery, Charge Controller, Solar Panel, and Mounting (Pole or Ground Mount)
  • QCraftBrew – Complete UL-508a Panel, fully Programmed, with CAD Panel and Schematic drawings for your Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Craft Brewing needs. When you are ready to upgrade from Manual Control…think Quantum Automation…
  • Contract Manufacturing – Machines – Your idea. You own the IP.
    Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Solidworks and CAD Design, Panel Building, Programming, Alpha & Beta Units, Factory and Site Acceptance Testing, Training, and Documentation that includes Operations, Maintenance, and Sales YouTube Videos. Complete assistance through and after Released Product. Multiple machines required.
  • Contract Manufacturing – UL508a Control Panels
    Built to ISO-9001 standards complete with updated CAD Panel and Schematic drawing and Work Instructions for each REV level – 20 panels per year minimum.
  • Value Added Distributor – Power Control, and Networking
    Major Product Lines include: Automation Direct, Idec, Advantech, Pro-face, Moxa, HMS/eWon, Saginaw, Integra, Hitachi, Fuji, Autonics, Altech, and many others. We pride ourselves on personal Service over the last 28 years. We thank our loyal customers.

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