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Smart Trucks

Use any or all the above on:
– Combines
– Truck that sprays steam onto hay and hay balers
– Automatic Seeder
– Slurry Tanker (Terragator) for spreading fertilizer, pesticides, and manure.
– Produce Sorters, Conveyor Analyzers
– Cotton Pickers

Cold Storage Units

– Most of them have a PLC and an HMI already
– Just add an Edge Gateway like a Flexy205 which communicates to all PLCs
– Then send the data to AWS directly to our QCS IIoT Servers (QCloudServer)

Solution for Smart Farming =QSolarBattery + QRTU + QCS IIoT


– Think of this as a Programmable Controller with input sensors and the ability to remotely control pumps for tank level control or control VFDs for Irrigation
– Soil Moisture Sensor – 4-20mA or we can use LoRaWAN for Smart Sensors
– Level Sensors – 4-20mA inside Tanks
– Flow Sensors – 4-20mA to and from Tanks
– Airmar or any Weather Stations – Serial Communications to the PLC – Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Direction, Wind Speed
– Or access NOAH via an API and get National Weather Reports for specific GPS coordinates.
– We can use another serial port or an Ethernet Port and communicate to the VFD to control the pump speed and slowly ramp up the water going into the Irrigation Units.
– We can use a Flexy205 Edge Gateway with either a WiFi or LTE Cellular Card to communicate directly to Amazon Web Service where our QCS IIoT resides on 4 of their servers.


– Easily build a custom Dashboard
– Data Log for Historical usage
– Generate Reports optimizing water usage
– View everything on your Smart Phone on any Web Browser

Increase the quantity and quality of your produce
Analyze the growth rate and vegetation index of the crops



Provides Off-Grid Power to the QRTU for hard to reach rural places

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