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On a ship there are many parameters that need to be controlled or monitored including:

– Temperatures, Pressure, Level, Viscosity, Flow Control, Position of Vessel, Speed, Torque Control,
Voltage, Current, Machinery Status (on/off), and equipment status (open/closed)

Propulsion (Main Engine) and Power (Auxiliary Engines) Monitoring & Control

– Fuel Consumption, combustion temperature, engine temperature, diesel engine safety and start/up,
generator voltage and frequency control, generator load in KW and %, load control, torque, heavy
consumers logic, control of diesel-electric propulsion, thrusters monitoring, and control, etc.

Auxiliary Machinery Monitoring and Control

– Main sea & fresh-water cooling system – pumps, system pressure, temp, etc.
– Potable and fresh-water control, Air Compressors, Bilge & Sludge – tank level, pumps, fuel oil system
– Tank levels, temperature, viscosity, flow, purifiers, heaters, etc.
– Other cooling systems
– Boiler/steam system – pumps, valves, pressure temperature, etc.
– Air Conditioning
– Ballast water treatment
– Exhaust gas treatment equipment

Cargo & Ballast Monitoring & Control

– For safe on and offloading of cargo, especially on tankers, this process is closely monitored, and many
times incorporates functions like level gauging, control of cargo pumps, valve control, ballast  ballast
pump control, heeling control, remote monitoring of temperature, pressure, and flow, possibly humidity

Condition-based Monitoring

– monitor equipment – feed main control and monitoring system and/or IIoT – preventative maintenance

Industry Solutions

Agency Approvals are many times required in this industry for safety.

– DNV – Det Norske Veritas – Arnhem, The Netherlands HQ
– ABS – American Bureau of Shipbuilding – Spring (Houston), TX – HQ

Moxa Industry Certified Solutions

– Moxa MPC 2120 – 12” Industrial Touch Screen Computer – DNV
– Moxa MPC 2150 – 15” Industrial Touch Screen Computer – DNV
– Moxa MPC 2190 – 19” Industrial Touch Screen Computer – DNV
– Moxa MC-7200 – Marine Computer – DNV
– Moxa MD-219 – MD-224 – Marine Industrial Monitor – DNV
– Moxa MGate – Protocol Converters – ie Modbus/RTU or TCP to EtherNet/IP or ProfiNet – DNV
– Moxa EDR 810-VPN secure multipoint router – Firewall, NATing, VPN, router, switch
– Automation Direct Productivity PLCs are all rated ABS
– Idec PS6R Power Supplies are all rated ABS


PLC with MQTT or communicating through an Edge Gateway – then out via SATCOM with GPS to AWS (Amazon Web Service) can provide global digital communications with your ship or yacht.

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