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Mine Power Centers (MPC)

  • Heavy Duty Underground Portable Skid supplied by Atlas Electric
  •  4160V Primary to 480Y/277 Secondary
  • 8 Circuit Breakers, 8 CTs, 8 Line Power Receptacles
  •  Productivity 2000 PLC and C-more HMI standard

Air handling control systems throughout the whole tunnel

  • VFD controlled by a Productivity 2000 PLC and C-more HMI to control fans
  • gets its power from MPCs


Mine Tunnel Communications 

  • Network Operating Center
    – Computer – Mission Critical
    – Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions Software
    – Network Management Software
    – RFID Tag Management Software
    – Report Generation
  •  Communication Infrastructure
    – Single Mode Fiberoptic Cable
    – Flat Ring Topology
    – Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches
    – Industrial IP-68 Wireless Access Points
    – Industrial Cellular – GSM or LTE
  •  Personnel and Asset Tracking
    – WIFI RFID Real-Time Location System
    – WIFI Clients – On Vehicles
  • Security Cameras & Communication Panels
    – IR IP Cameras – Infrared Internet Protocol
    – Communication Panels

Underground Mining Trucks

like a Caterpillar AD60 or AD63. Use the new MC-1200 industrial Moxa Computer with wide temperature, high shock, and vibration specifications like the Open Pit Heavy Duty Trucks. Record Data either on-board and offload once out of the mine using Wi-Fi or if you have a Mine Tunnel Communications System, you can Wi-Fi directly to the Access Points every 100-200 meters depending on how hard the metal is in the tunnel…gold and silver reflects well therefore 200 meters test out great!

Open Pit Mining Dump Trucks – Like the Belaz 75710 that has (2) 2300HP Diesel Engines or the Liebherr
T284 with 4023HP. Use the new MC-1200 IIoT Industrial Moxa Computers (3-year warranty) with i7
processors, built-in Wi-Fi, LTE Cellular, GPS, and mSATA using our QCS IIoT solution with wide
temperature (-40 to +70 deg C), high shock (IEC 60068-2-27), and vibration specifications. Record Data
either on-board the computer and offload data once out of the pit and back in the service yard using on-
board WIFI client and antenna or straight to the cloud at our servers located at AWS. A big truck, Big
payloads, Bigger potential problems. Monitor and Data Log Tons/hour, Hours of Operation, Weight of
each payload, how many dumps, how many miles driven per shift. Use analytics to determine wear and
tear and do preventative maintenance for higher Availability. We can turn-key the project for you.


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