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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Industry Insight

Oil & Gas Production – On-Shore

– Oil Rigs, Second Stage Recovery, Fracking, Crude Oil Wells
– All need QCS IIoT, QRTU, and many need QSolarBattery

Oil &Gas Production – Off-Shore

– Mostly use full SCADA systems with SATCOM, but QUPS, QSolarBattery, QRTU can all apply.

Oil & Gas Pipeline – from Production to Refinery

– LACT – Leased Automated Custody Transfer – determines which oil field the crude came from that goes into the pipeline – QCS IIoT via LTE Cellular

Oil Refining

– Distributed Control Systems – Honeywell Experion PKS R.410
– Emergency Shutdown Systems – Schneider Electric – Triconex – Tricon CX – SIL 3 Rated
– Rockwell Automation – ICS – Triplex “Trusted” – SIL 3 rated – Scalable Fault-Tolerant Controls System
– Quantum Automation – Sell Moxa Industrial Computers, Routers, Switches, M-Gates, N-Ports that are all Rated C1D2/ATEX Zone 2

Tank Farm Automation

– Float and Tape – Strapping Tables
– Hydrostatic Tank Gauging – Pressure & Temp = Volume
– New method using Ultrasonic Sensing

Gasoline Pipeline to Truck Terminals or Airport Terminals

– Truck Rack Loading Systems, Flow, Level, Volume

Marketing – Gasoline Stations

– Pumps, Tanks, Level, Flow, Rate – usually have power, but QCS IIoT, QRTU application


Soil Remediation

– Gas Station Tank Leak – Clean up – Moxa M-Gates, QCS IIoT, QRTU, QSolarBattery

Fine Chemicals

– Cosmetics, Perfumes, Methane, Pharmaceuticals



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