The QCloud Serves up the vital data your company needs to effectively analyze and manage industrial machines or processes to your web browser or smartphone providing instant information so you can react quickly.

The data is logged on our servers residing in the Amazon Web Service rack of computers backed up by multiple data centers globally.  Export your data to Excel to Analyze how your company can increase productivity or improve quality.

Additionally, the QCloudServer, from your smartphone or web browser and proper password authorization, can change presets for Timers, Counters, Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, adjust VFD speeds, and other analog points for immediate response.

​It can even turn on/off motors and lights, or open/close valves!

Customizable Dashboards

Responsive information enables you to quickly and effectively monitor, analyze, and
manage your equipment and systems.

Condition-Based Alarming

One platform to easily manage and set email and text alarms and notifications.

Industrial Reports

Create custom reports from real-time and historical data and export them via CSV or API

Mobile Access

Responsive information enables you to quickly and effectively monitor, analyze, and
manage your equipment and systems.

Built-in Security

Fully integrated security from the device level to the cloud platforms. While ease of use is important, the security, integrity, and reliability of QCS IIoT infrastructure and our customer’s network is our top priority.


QCS IIoT utilizes analytics insight to increase productivity and availability, reduce machine downtime, and improve quality.

Hardware Costs

(Choose your own hardware with MQTT or we offer many options)

  • PLC w/MQTT + Programming
  • HMI w/MQTT + Programming
  • Edge Gateway w/MQTT + Configuration
  • Edge Gateway w/MQTT & VPN + Configuration


Dashboard Setup Costs

  • The QCloudServer Development Software with Standard Built-in Dashboards is FREE
  • Upon completion of required training ($2500/person), a development SW key will be issued
  • A minimum of 1 person from each company must go to a 2-day training class (offered monthly)


Monthly Subscription Fee

  • $19.95 for up to 8 data points
  • $29.95 from 9-32 data points
  • $39.95 from 33 to 64 data points
  • >64 data points – RFQ


Quantum Automation provides with the Monthly Subscription Fee:

  • Original Development of the QCloudServer Software and all Testing and Setup of Servers at AWS
  • Maintenance of Servers at Amazon (AWS) Cloud and version level control of MQTT approved devices
  • Revision Level Upgrades and Software Maintenance
  • Technical Support – On-Line Videos, Manuals, FAQs, Phone Support 8a-5p -M-F PST


Quantum Automation provides (for an additional fee)

  • Custom IT modules or Custom IoT product integration of MQTT to publish or subscribe correctly
  • Custom Integration of Foggy Computing and Mesh Networking
  • Custom Python or C++ Programming for Smart Sensors or Gateways
  • Custom Dashboards – for example, a special P&ID or Machine Graphics page
  • Programming of your PLC or Configuration of your Edge Gateway device
  • Provide CAD drawing for your Control Panels, Schematics, and Networks
  • Build UL508a panels and or build large quantities of panels per ISO-9001 Quality Control Standards
  • We can manage your cellular plans, provide O&M manuals, setup a Google Share with all information
  • We also sell individual components: PLCs, HMIs, Edge Gateways, Antennas, Power Supplies, etc.
  • We also manufacture Off-Grid Power Solutions using Lithium-Ion Batteries with or without Solar Panels.


White Label Agreement

$25,000 annually – for OEMs who want to badge the software under their own name or label and collect the monthly subscription fees for themselves or choose to include the subscription fee in the cost of their product.  The End User may want to White Label the software if their usage level is > $25,000/year in subscription fees! A separate server will be set up on our account (which we will control and manage the back-end) in AWS or Azure (your choice) for that White Label Company.  Size/Speed Example – Each Server can handle a total of 1000 devices with 64 data-points or tags per device.  We provide a rate of 64,000 samples/second!!
Note that for each year, a 2-day training class for up to 5 people is included


A Programmable Logic Controller with built-in MQTT  can communicate with QCS IIoT.

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Edge Gateway

MQTT Edge Gateway collects and cleans the data and communicates with the cloud.

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Linux Gateway

Rugged Arm-based Cellular IIoT Gateways for Uninterrupted Connectivity. Moxa UC series Arm-based computers are ideal for remote outdoor IIoT applications.

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Environmental - Smart Energy Demo Dashboard

Agriculture - Smart Farming Demo Dashboard

Oil & Gas - Pump House Monitoring Demo Dashboard

Don't see the dashboard you need?
Each dashboard can be completely customized to fit your application type, just fill out our IO setup form and we’ll have you collecting data usually within 2 days.

Introducing The Q Cloud Server

The Q Cloud Server - IO Configuration Setup Form

The Q Cloud Server - IOT Terminologies

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