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The Quantum Automation QCloudServer (QCS) connects with the vital data trapped out in your
industrial machines and processes, and delivers it to the web browser or mobile device of your
choice. This responsive information enables you to quickly and effective monitor, analyze, and
manage your equipment and systems.
Your QCS-sourced data is logged on to reliable cloud-hosted Amazon Web Service servers, which in
turn are backed up by multiple global data centers. You can easily export your data for deeper
analysis using the spreadsheet tools and software of your choice, so you can increase operational
productivity and improve quality.
With the proper security authorization, the QCS lets you use a web browser or mobile device to
command equipment on/off or valves open/closed. You can even adjust remote system values such
as timer/counter presets and analog set-points for temperature, pressure, level, flow, speed, and
more. You can optimize operations for any number of remote sites without even leaving your home or
Several industry-standard technologies are leveraged by QCS to make remote monitoring and control
simple, practical, reliable, and cost-effective. The MQTT protocol is an efficient and lightweight
publish/subscribe (pub/sub) method for communicating remote data. Standard PLC’s. HMI’s
and / or Edge Gateways provide a rugged field platform. Networking is accomplished via a LAN, WiFi,
or cellular connection as needed. Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be used to ensure security.
Cloud-hosted computing is exceptionally robust and can be accessed worldwide.

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