Price: $937.00

5A/120W Lithium-Ion Battery with Sleep Timer that wakes up the battery every hour to open “Bump” a Festo Valve so that the methane gas can flow.



Lithium-Ion Battery with Sleep Timer and Bump Test Push-button with Pole mount.
25 Watt Solar Panel
Continuous Power
Festo Valve with 20′ Cable to Enclosure
Quick Disconnect included in Price
8″x8″x7″ Enclosure
Increases gas throughput by 33% and the Pumps last longer!!

Solar Landfill Gas recovery Optimization

The QSolarBumpBox not only integrates a Lithium-Ion Battery with a pre-programmed “Sleep-Timer” which wakes the battery up every hour for 10 seconds to open “Bump” a Festo Valve that is supplied as a package. We have also included a 25 watt Solar Panel and 2″ Pole Mounting Kit to provide continuous power to the battery and therefore not requiring recharging. Our results so far have generated up to 33% more gas throughput on the pumps that have been stuck due to the sludge. This will also make your pumps last longer.


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QBumpBox Data Sheet


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QBumpBox Data Sheet


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