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Price: $16,500.00

Semi-Automatic Control System with 3VFD– UL508a Stainless Steel Enclosure – Panel & Schematic CAD Drawings


Our QCraftBrew is a Complete Engineered Solution offering Semi-Automatic or a Full Control System for the Brew Master. With a complimentary 1-year QCloudServer subscription, you can log your brewing data and also remotely monitor and control your tanks! Sensors are included. Our QCraftBrew also does recipe handling to optimize your perfect brew!

Complete Engineered Solution
Remote Monitoring and Control
Data-logging for optimization
Recipe Handling
Expandable to fully Automatic
Touch Screen Supervisory Control
Less Expensive than Competition

Semi-Automatic Control

    • PLC Based Control – includes programming, start-up, training
    • 10.5” HMI mounted on Enclosure – includes programming, start-up. training
    • PLC – Monitor Temperature – pt100 RTDs and wire included
    • PLC – Control – Steam or Glycol Valves (supplied by customer)
    • PLC – Control – VFD included – Pumps (supplied by customer)
    • PLC – Control – VFD included – Gearmotors (supplied by customer)Level Sensors included for each tank
    • PLC – Control – Tank Lights included (LED or Halogen)
    • Secure Remote Access Router included (internet supplied by customer)
    • Cloud-Based Interoperability – AWS – QCloudServer – 1 year FREE
    • CAD – Panel, Wiring, & Field Wiring included (site layout required)
    • ​UL508a Stainless Steel Enclosure (Outlet Fans optional)
    • Enclosure Dimensions & Weight – 41”H /  36”W / 12”D; 124lbs


Specifications / Data Sheets / Brochures

QCraftBrew Brochure

QCraftBrew – Semi-Automatic Control – UL508a Stainless Steel Enclosure – Panel & Schematic CAD Drawings
Incoming Power 230V – with Circuit Breaker Disconnect and Handle on the door of Enclosure
(1) PLC Based Control – Fully Programmed – Temperature & Valves, VFDs, Level & Lighting – Monitor & Control
(1) 10.5″ HMI mounted on the door of NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure – Fully Programmed
(1) Secure Remote Access Router + Cloud Based Datalogging/Control viewable on Smart Phone – Fully Configured
(3) RTD pt100 for measuring the Temperature in (3) tanks + Discrete Outputs to Relays to Steam or Glycol Jackets
(3) 3HP 230V Variable Frequency Drives for Gearmotor(s) and/or Pumps
(3) Level Transmitters (up to 40 feet deep) wired back to PLC Analog Inputs for Level Monitoring and Control
Wire from PLC Discrete Outputs to (3) LED Tank Lights for On/Off Control from HMI


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QCraftBrew Brochure

QCraftBrew Pricing

QCraftBrew – Configuration Form

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