Price: $29.95 / month

QCS IIOT, Monthly Subscription Fee from 9-32 Data Points

QCloudServer IIoT is a secure platform for conveniently collecting industrial data, storing it in the cloud, and visualize it from any browser-based device.

With QCloudServer you will be able to utilize:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Real-Time Control
  • Real-Time Alarming – email or text
  • CSV Data Export
  • Data Encryption over Secure Cellular
  • User Permission Management


Provided with the Monthly Subscription Fee:

Original Development of the QCloudServer Software and all Testing and Setup of Servers at AWS
Maintenance of Servers at Amazon (AWS) Cloud and version level control of MQTT approved devices
Revision Level Upgrades and Software Maintenance
Technical Support – On-Line Videos, Manuals, FAQs, Phone Support 8a-5p M-F PST
IIoT Remote Monitoring and Control Software

The QCloud Serves up the vital data your company needs to effectively analyze and manage industrial machine(s) or process(es) to your web browser or smartphone providing instant information so you can react quickly.
The data is logged on our servers residing in the Amazon Web Service rack of computers backed up by multiple data centers globally. You can also export your data to Excel to Analyze how your company can increase productivity or improve quality.
Additionally, the Q Cloud Server, from your smartphone or web browser and proper password authorization, can change presets for Timers, Counters, Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, adjust VFD speeds, and other analog points for immediate response. It can even turn on/off motors and lights, or open/close valves!

Fill out our IO setup form and we’ll have you collecting data usually within 2 days.

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QCloudServer Brochure

QCloudServer Specifications and Comparisons-with-Ignition

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