Price: $159.00

Ewon Flexy Extension Card, Wifi  w/ Antenna 802.11 b,g,n for Client WAN




Flexy Extension Card – WiFi Modem

This Flexy extension card increases the connectivity capability of the Ewon Flexy with a Wi-Fi modem.

More and more WLAN(WiFi) access points are available in the industry. WLAN access points allow Internet connectivity while avoiding connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. The Ewon Flexy WiFi extension card provides a powerful backup Internet access for industrial M2M applications. WLAN technology offers free access, high bandwidth, easy deployment (no cabling), and facilitates security network management.

It is compatible with the Ewon Flexy 10x series, 20x series, and 205.


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Flexy Extension Card – WiFi Modem

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Flexy Extension Card – WiFi Modem

IIoT Edge Gateway – Flexy Datasheet

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