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IIoT Edge Gateway-Flexy205

Price: $812.00

Ewon Flexy205 Remote Access Router and IIoT Gateway

4x RJ45 10/100Mb LAN Ports, 2x Extension Card Slots, 12-24V DC Powered.

Ewon Flexy 205 is a compact modular IIoT gateway for collecting Remote Data and providing Remote Access to your industrial equipment.

With a configurable WAN/LAN switch, this gateway offers a wide range of extension cards to best fit your application and is perfect for data-intensive applications. Whether your requirements are to: create alarms, monitor dashboards, collect data for machine performance analysis, or even other advanced solutions, the Flexy 205 will meet your needs and expand your possibilities.

Like other routers from the Flexy family, the Flexy 205 has a web-based configuration and built-in scripting tools for customization.
Through the use of our Talk2M APIs, HTTPs scripting, or MQTT scripting, we enable easy integration with your favorite IIoT platform.
The flexibility and robustness of the Flexy 205 guarantees a wide array of value-add services for Machines Builders.


• IIoT gateway with most PLC protocols
• Flexible WAN interface: Ethernet, 4G,3G, WiFi
• High performance for data processing
• Data logging and alarm notification
• OPC UA & Modbus server

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