Price: $264.00

Ewon Flexy Extension Card, 4G LTE Cellular, Verizon compliant


This Flexy extension card increases the connectivity capability of the Ewon Flexy with an LTE (4G) modem for North America.

Many field-based applications do not have access to a wired Internet connection, instead requiring cellular connectivity. Using a 4G cellular connection provides the advantages of innovation and cutting edge technology and can sometimes be the only cellular connectivity in a remote area. The 4G LTE Flexy extension card addresses these requests while allowing an Ewon Flexy to connect to the Internet. For remote access requirements, a simple SIM card with a data plan is all that is needed to connect to the Talk2M cloud-based solution. Similarly, for SCADA-like applications, secure remote VPN connectivity can also benefit from this simple SIM card without the burden of provisioning a fixed IP address on the remote site.

It is compatible with the Ewon Flexy 10x series, 20x series, and 205.

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FLB 3203 Cellular Modem 4G Verizon Extension Card

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FLB 3203 Cellular Modem 4G Verizon Extension Card

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