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Power Generation

  • Nuclear Power – generates heat and with water creates steam – Steam Turbines
  • Coal Power Plants – Generates Steam – Steam Turbines
  • Gas Power Plants – Gas Turbines
  • Hydro-Electric Power Plants – Water Turbines
  • Geo-Thermal – Earth’s Magma Core generates Steam – Steam Turbines
  • Wind Power – Wind Turbines
  • Solar – Photovoltaic – Residential and Commercial Roof Top and Ground Mount Utility
  • Solar Thermal (Utility) – Captures heat – combine with water to create steam – Steam Turbines


Substation Management – IEC 61850-3

Communication Networks and Systems which enable
high availability, reliability, and scalability of Power Transmission and Distribution Networks – Moxa
Utility – Transmission Lines – Form a Grid where all utility power is shared
Utility – Distribution – Electric power distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electric power; it
carries electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers. … Primary distribution lines
carry this medium voltage power to distribution transformers located near the customer premises.


Urea / Ammonia Injection for Boilers – Productivity PLC and C-more HMI
Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Monitoring (PRV) – Wireless Hart – Emerson has a good solution


SaaS Device Management, Update Management, Monitoring and Control, Alert, and Action via sending alarms via SMS Text or email. Securely provide revision level updates of remote devices with over the Air updates via VPN.

Wind and Solar Monitoring Systems – also incorporate Weather Stations – monitor Amps, Voltage, Health
of Wind Turbine, Maintenance Plan – clean PV panels – Digital Fence Intrusion, etc.
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems – Stack Gas Monitoring + Spraying reagents onto effluent air
Reduces NOx going into the atmosphere


Provides Off-Grid power using Solar Panels either Pole or Ground Mount with Lithium
Ion Batteries. Our standard product goes up to 300 watts. We also provide custom skids for applications
like Stormwater Dosing.


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